Walking in LA 

Thanks for walking with me. I'm Charlie Hess. By day I'm a magazine Design Director and Photo Editor. I grew up on the East Coast, but didn't find true love until I moved to LA. I love the diversity of the city. The mix of cultures, languages, and of course the foods! Through a program called The Art of Freelance I decided to walk the city, and bring a different friend on every walk. We've done 32 walks so far. Each walk would start at Magic Hour and walk in to the evening. The city changes as it gets dark. I love the storefront churches, the people on dates, and just hanging out on the street. Walking changes your perspective. You can meet people, visit shops, and really see what's in front of you, which you can't do in your car. I'd love to hear your stories. You can find me at #chessdesign on Instagram and Facebook. Stop and say hello.

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